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When I was asked “Is there anything else you would like us to know when reviewing your appeal?” My response was, “When I got to the point of being fed up with everyone else’s excuses I stopped using my own as a crutch. Murphy’s law is an epigram not a destined fate and I can attest to the fact that sometimes one can forget his or her own resiliency, lose sight of objectives and in the mist of challenges simply fall short. It is a fact that my entire being is an outlier. With a

screw in my neck I should not be alive much less be able to speak. Having had over 300 injections in my neck, back, spine and knees – with a metal plate and 8 screws in my right ankle I shouldn’t be able to walk but I have “ripped” national and international runways; I have walked, stood and competed on national stages to represent Texas and New York. Standing well over 200 pounds, with a displaced left scapula and little to no money I have traveled the world several times and have even cartwheeled in the desserts of Dubai and at the Taj Mahal. In the mist of extreme circumstances I have graduated from institutions of higher learning and as the youngest professional in several groups have garnered opportunities to lead teams on dynamic news worthy projects. In the past it has been tenacity, faith and strength of mind that has allowed for me to rise and meet challenges. Having had the time to refocus, rest and reevaluate my own goals I realized what my barriers to change and success were. I am taking active measure to over come those barriers and further cultivate and strengthen a culture of discipline within myself – I have systems and people in place to help hold me accountable. When we study some of the great innovators and leaders across entertainment and society in general the common thread in what makes them great is their ability to overcome obstacles and challenges in the mist of seemingly impossible circumstances…beating the statistics and the odds. Regardless of what the statistics may conclude it is a fact that I am an outlier and if provided the opportunity I can and will, successfully complete the course content and build on top of the legacy of past students and alumni.”

I’ve sold my belongings for gas money, I’ve slept in cars, camped out in fast food parking lots for the free Wifi connection, ridden busses and trains for hours and have walked in the rain and snow to get to work and other unique opportunities. I’ve worked jobs with people that stretched my patience and built my character. I’ve been burnt. There were times when I went days and I didn’t sleep, while working over 50 hours a week while trying to help ill family members. I’ve been forced to stand alone. I’ve been forced to make the tough decisions. The entire time I was being strengthened and refined. The details of this last month will be another eventful chapter in my book Chronicles of a Homeless Beauty Queen: Pageant Secrets Revealed.

When I look over the Journey and experiences I can’t help but laugh. This was a humanly impossible task… and I successfully completed my Masters Program. To be honest what my Master Degree program pulled out of me I honestly didn’t know it existed. That proves we have more and can do more with less. If nothing else it proves that Impossible is nothing. It proves that pain is temporary. It proves that even when the margin for error is slim and you’re down on your luck you can still win. It proves that we are more than human. It proves that Faith will not Fail you – It proves God’s Grace is sufficient.

I’m not sure who will read this but I hope that through my transparency during this journey someone will be encouraged to press forward, acquire knowledge and pursue higher education. I hope that through my vulnerability someone will be encouraged to harness the inner will that exist in all human beings become co-creators with God and exhaust resources and choose to fight to reach your goals, fulfill your passions and your purpose. Reach your maximum potential. It’s necessary. I guess one of the greatest Lessons that I’ve learned is that you can fail at something you really don’t like or want – so there’s no point in being afraid of being uncomfortable, fearing failure or success and being around people that don’t support your passion(s) and happiness.

Check your anxiety, encourage yourself, communicate with those who have been charged to help you and boldly fight for what you love.

Thank You for all of the Lessons Learned. Cheers to our Education. Cheers to Growth. Cheers to Legacy. Cheers to the next chapter – Beyond Mastery


Rachael Yvonne Davis


What’s a difficult task that you’ve recently accomplished? How did you do it? Have you shared your story? If not, why?

~Rachael Yvonne Davis


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