My Vision Quest Business Plan that Exposed my Big SECRET

Updated: Jul 3

The truth is every assignment and day that leads closer to the completion of my Master’s program I find another challenge that I must face and concur. Challenges this month included owning my own independence, accepting and solidifying the desires of my heart and being unapologetic about my purpose, my process and the necessary measures needed to protect my progression.

When I prayed and asked God what is next best move that would propel my purpose, help my family, my career and my education I was led to a hidden gem and got the apartment without my mother and sister knowing. I told my father - he tried to get me to wait until the spring. I told him if I wait I’ve been shown that I’ll lose everything and with that you’ll lose me too. I think after a talk with his own Celestial Board of Directors he realized the magnitude and power behind what I was striving to accomplish.

When he told me it was time and I received his blessing I felt as if I could gasp for air… The truth is I’ve had an apartment for about the last four months. For over 3 months the only thing that was in the apartment was WiFi, a 2016 wall calendar and items for the bathroom and a few changes of clothes. I typically would pull all-nighters at the apartment the one or two days I was there so that I could study and turn in my homework on time (or as close to on time as possible). Breaking to shower or take a power nap on the floor when I would pass out from exhaustion. Still working 12 – 16 hour days. I needed a silent safe place.

This week all I wanted to do was hang my curtain rods and put up curtains in my apartment. The truth is I’m nervous and it seems as if the older I get the more introverted I become and like the men of my fathers side of the family being outdoors and creative calms me. Since I haven’t been able to make it to the Davis Family Farm I like to work on projects outdoors on my patio. Like my great-grandmother Lula Mae I think I am developing a knack for interior design, upholstery and woodwork. I’ve learned its best to lean into your pain – when you do you learn the power of your purpose.

I’ve written business plans, project plans, marketing plans and management plans – I had come to pride myself on being silent and then after observing a situation, a meeting or having a conversation being able to leave a client and produce everything that they were needing and more. I’m not trying to brag but writing plans, contracts sponsorship packages and treatments under the table for others in business was my “side hustle” and kept me going. However, my Business Plan Development course scared me and showed me how much I really didn’t know about myself or the vision I had for the future for my own business. I thought that there was something wrong with me, for a brief second I thought it was impossible and that I was completely burnt out and had nothing left. I prayed and cried through this class. The insight I received about myself, the feedback about my feelings and business venture was invaluable. Professor Steve Burhoe has saved my sanity, my security, my vision and not to mention time and dollars on the next phase of my own business development. This Vision Quest far exceeded my expectations and I have been able to define a niche and develop my own viable business plan that integrates and leverages the fashion, beauty and entertainment sectors in media marketing management where I can authentically keep who I am at the core.

To know my family and my Mother you’d just have to know that she’s angry with me – words like “abandonment”, “neglect”, “ungratefulness”, “selfishness”, “bad attitude” filled the room as we discussed in greater detail my apartment and other financial responsibilities (which My Father snitched and told her about after she called him bickering). #ThanksDad I opened the box in front of her – she knows what the cap, gown, hood and tassel look like – due to her health she won’t make it to my graduation. I obliged and gave her the garage door opener (my only access into her house). Anyhoo, hopefully one day she’ll forgive me ultimately see the path I took is similar to the very path that led her from Athens, GA to the adventures of a lifetime, into the arms of a wonderful man, two budding accomplished daughters and her own higher education. Maybe if she reads this she’ll learn that she’s inspired my education, my gifts and my desire to uplift humanity and change the world for the better.

Cheers to the Process – Cheers to the Journey – Cheers to Mastery.

<3 Rachael Yvonne Davis

The proud daughter of Lynn D. Davis and Kathy Maria Hopkins – Davis

Thanks for reading and sharing friends xoxoxo

P.S. All colloquialisms and slang were intended…. You know… for effect) *Wink* *Insert Heart Emoticon Here*

THANKS again for Reading and Sharing <3 #RYD

~Rachael Yvonne Davis


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