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A little over six months ago a beautiful young lady came up to me shyly after a workshop. She asked me if I thought she had what it took to be a model and to dance professionally. I looked at her in the eyes and told her, “…absolutely…” and that she deserves to have her dreams and that it was necessary for her to achieve her goals. I explained to her why I thought she would be attractive to agencies – she had the height, beautiful skin and teeth. She had clear eyes and her dance training would serve her well on sets and on the runway. But more than that I did my best to explain to her that her life would serve as a model and encouragement to others.

I know her dance instructor personally and after our chat I learned from my dear friend more about her student’s humble beginnings. Her mother brought her and her twin sister to America fleeing civil unrest. They have been here several years now but have no family. Her mother works multiple jobs. She doesn’t complain and she will not ask for charity. She has been known to go without so that her daughters can have just the bare necessities. I learned that one of the sisters stopped dancing just so that they could afford to finance the other sister’s dance fees.

Since then I have been able to watch this young lady perform at two major occasions…A Wedding and at TD Jakes MegaFest in Dallas, Texas. The last event had over a thousand people in the audience – some who were moved to tears. She’s now a senior in High school and has been invited to participate in a few prestigious dance programs across the country. To say the least I am proud and I’m excited to see which programs and what path she and her twin sister (who just so happens to be a phenomenal fashion designer too) decide to take.

Boy or Girl – Man or Woman – Slender of Voluptuous - Young or Old – Healthy, Disabled, Ill or recovering and or displaced I believe that there is a place for anyone and everybody in the Entertainment and Fashion Industry. You just have to have the desire and be willing to consistently put in the effort necessary to reach critical objectives that will help you achieve your goals.

In a nutshell here are The 4 Be Attitudes for Success in any Industry

  1. Be Reliable – Always be dependable. Don’t Miss appointments. For the Fashion and Entertainment Industry don’t be Late or miss your call times. It’s a sure way to NOT be invited back or be considered for other opportunities.

  2. Be Flexible – Stay Open Minded. Appreciate Change. On production sets, on the field, behind the stage/scenes it is CRAZY! But you will never know that viewing the finished product. It’s just the nature of the beast. While plans and schedules serve as a guide to help make for a seamless production anyone who is truly in the industry knows that tings happen and sometimes chaos is a way of life. When working with Creatives often times it is that same chaos that will help produces the best art. More often than not things will not go according to plan however, when working with individuals who have a humble, positive, “can do” attitude - success is always the destination.

  3. Be Patient - Things take time. Give yourself time to grow, develop and mature. I’ll say it again, you have to give things time… You’ll need time to learn certain lessons and time to meet the right people and for God to help orchestrate the perfect opportunity for you. Learn the Basics. Follow up and Follow through. Stay Ready.

  4. Be Conscientious – Never stop working on your passions. Always practice your craft and the new skills that you learn.

I often say that my age, race, size, surroundings, circumstances and gender has neither qualified me for an opportunity nor prevented me from obtaining my hearts desires. “Impossible” only exist to those that believe – and what you focus on expands. Stay positive and continue to work on your craft!

Congratulations and Cheers to your exciting Model Life!

Model Opportunity

Here is a unique Model Opportunity for dancers in St. Louis with Dancewear Solutions. They cast year long and are looking for kids and teens between the ages of 4 and 19 with great personalities, a passion for dance, and strong technical dance background. Kids must fit in child-size leotards and Teens and Young Adults must be able to fit into small adult leotards.

For Additional Information please call Danceware Solutions at 314.773.9000 and ask for the Talent Department, or email them directly at They will be happy to answere any additional questions or concerns you may have

Next week I’ll share with you the 6 Basic Model Look Types and the critical essentials that one must have in their Model Bag. Anyone who is interested in the Industry must know where they fit into these 6 Basic Model Looks and they must be prepared to Master some of the additional tips and tricks I’ll give you to be successful and wow your Casting Call or Go See.

The Journey of a Million Miles Begins With the 1st Step. GOOD LUCK!

~Rachael Yvonne Davis


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