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There's Still Hope. Careers in Product & Artist Management

Last Monday I went home early from work because I didn’t feel well. Later that night I drove myself to the hospital. After a CT scan, some fluids and an IV cocktail I called my little sister. She took a taxi to the hospital and after she arrived I was discharged and we went home. The next morning I drove myself to my doctor’s appointment – later on in the day I took my mother to her Attorneys office. I struggled to get up to drive us there – my mother struggled to walk into the office but along the way as we walked up to and through every door someone was there and helped to hold the door open. I think one of the greatest lessons I learned this past month is that “its harder to quit.” Within us we have the ability to achieve anything and change everything – obstacles are just opportunities waiting to conquered.

When I first started my graduate program I thought that I would of completed this course, Product and Artist Management, April 2014. Here it is September 2015 and while at times it has been tremulous my perspective has expanded in ways that I didn’t know possible as well as my patience with others and myself. Having been forced to travel this month I found myself yet again meeting cutting edge innovators and executives that I would have not been able to authentically and profoundly connect with – and it just so happens that the content of this course is in alignment with and also parallels with my professional and personal aspirations. How does the saying go “…he may not come when you call him but he’ll be there right on time…” Divine Timing is always right on time.

Success leaves clues and by being guided by my professor in the evaluation of other companies and practicing professionals I’ve learned about the different issues that can surround product and artist management, different techniques that can be used to create mutually beneficial relationships and some of the sacrifices that must be considered with taking on new clients. I’m excited about the next phase of my journey and look forward to learning more.

Cheers to the Adventure, to the Journey and to Hope.

Cheers to the beautiful Lessons Learned

Thanks for reading and sharing friends xoxoxo

P.S. All colloquialisms and slang were intended…. You know… for effect) *Wink* *Insert Heart Emoticon Here*

THANKS again for Reading and Sharing <3 #RYD

~Rachael Yvonne Davis


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