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Rachael Yvonne Davis


Someone recently asked me “How do you do it…” - well here is part of the answer: … I live life on purpose and I’m driven by purpose. I’m so grateful and I stay “turned up” I dance/sing/talk to God (my Daddy all throughout the day…not just on Sundays and or special holidays) I’m intense. I zone in and I zone out. What I’m doing in that moment that is what I do and when I leave (I leave - I do my best to try to let the multiple facets of my life negatively affect others but I do try to take the transferable lessons). I smile. I laugh. (Someone needs to take off that unnecessary weight). I don’t do Drama - I do results. If something doesn’t get done It gets pushed over on the list for the next day or it is delegated to someone else (we do the BEST we can with what we have and we DON’T let anyone make us feel guilty or bad for what we simply cannot control or do). What some people consider a “hinderance” is apart of my Genius it is what makes me effective, efficient and economical (3E/E3) - you have to learn how to work with those changeless and overcome your own barriers … it is YOUR vision and YOUR success at the end of the day. I have come to fall in love with hard work and guess what …. I WORK HARD, I WORK SMART, I WORK IN FAITH and I DON’T work for money (money works for me) - when you get to a place where you know what things are you know what they are not. I have Fun. I choose to be Happy. Simply put I strive to reach my maximum potential and help others around me do the same … self evaluation and reflection in constant and consistent. Let me end this by saying I thank God for all of the help and support I do receive from close friends (past and present), my family and our budding Company’s team _ I DON’T do it by myself I’m just often the person that’s is working with others are not and I’m willing to do and go where others will not MUA: Kendra Shavonne Hair: Treasure Chest Virgin Hair installed and styled by Celeste- Alter Ego by Celeste Photography: Krystal Hills

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