“If you Not Wearing The Right Accessory You Might as Well be Nude” : PR Lessons from AIN

“If you’re not wearing the right accessory you might as well be Nude” is the motto an innovative fashion concept called AIN: Accessories in the Nude. Accessories in the Nude is a three part fashion event series composed of a Business Seminar, Accessories Competition and Fashion Showcase. The Accessory Designer Competition provides contestants the opportunity to showcase and receive constructive criticism for their designs in front of noted fashion professionals. It also provides a platform for contestants to create and increase visibility for their product line. AIN Founder Meko Krout King says accessories are the key component that can tell a story and a true fashionista style is truly about oneself.

I have known Mrs. King for a few years and was humbled when she reached out to United Enterprises to provide public relations services for her and her project. Since garnering the unique opportunity to work with AIN and other notable clientele I have learned so much about the world of fashion public relations. I have witnesses and experienced the intensity behind runway shows, fashion events, clothing lines and beauty brands. I have dinned with international superstars and living legends, been given the back stage VIP treatment at parties and shows. Getting to this particular place did have its price and I have been placed in some heated and interesting situations to say the least. I’ve also worked for little/no pay, been practically homeless and have had my own upbringing tested. I’m often asked what does it take to be successful in the world of Haute Fashion PR. To that I say you first have to go within yourself and ask yourself “what is success” and evaluate your motives and intentions.

It’s timeless. It’s priceless. Goes with every color. No matter your size it fits. If Diamonds are a girl’s best friend Integrity is a fashion publicist best asset. I think its fair to say that Integrity is an accessory that never goes out of style. It is the one thing that can differentiate you from the competition, have you overwhelmed with RFPs from potential new clients or have you black listed in the industry. The Public Relations Society of America affirms that the practice of public relations can present unique and challenging ethical issues. Integrity and pubic trust are fundamental to the professions role and reputation. Integrity or lack there of is the one reigning motif that all of my clients and their associates speak on when discussing their experience with public relations firms/independent contractors. I can attest if you or your company operations aren’t wearing the right accessories you might as well be nude.

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