3 Pet-Friendly CBD Products Your Dog or Cat Will Love!

Updated: Jul 3

It's not just humans who are enjoying the benefits of CBD these days. It's our furry friends too! There are many products on the market with CBD for dogs and cats. Here are three of the best ways to give your pet the CBD experience you know and love!

CBD Cat Treats

CBD isn't just for dogs. It's for your feline friends too! The Kitty-Grams/Mon-Tey's Munchies pet treats from Sativa Wellness taste delicious, but they also come with many benefits. If your cat is exceptionally anxious, these treats may help them. CBD has a reputation for easing stress and anxiety, and it may be able to help your cat in that area as well.

CBD offers benefits for your cat's physical health too. It may be able to improve your cat's digestive health and boost their immune system. It's also good for joint health and flexibility.

Your cat deserves the best! That's why every treat contains 10 mg of high-quality CBD. These treats are sure to leave your favorite feline purring for more!

CBD Dog Treats

Every dog owner needs some staple treats to give their pet. Whether you're using them as a training incentive or just a snack, you will love Mon-Tey's Munchies. These CBD dog treats are equally tasty and healthy. Your pup won't be able to tell the difference between these pet-friendly CBD delights and their typical treats.

If you have a nervous pup, these CBD treats may help them feel more at ease, even in stressful situations. Overall, CBD treats can improve your pup's mood and potentially even minimize aggressive behavior. CBD is also good for your dog's digestive health and immune system.

CBD treatments are perfect for giving your up after a workout because they will help them with the recovery process. CBD even promotes good joint health! Every bag of Mo-Tey's Munches contains 30 of these delectable dog snacks. Every treat contains 10 mg of the finest CBD for dogs. In Fact, Mon-Tey prefers his Mon-Tey's Munchies over some of the top doggies treats in the markets (just sayin')

CBD Shampoo

Did you know that cannabidiol can be great for your hair and skin? It's a natural nourishing ingredient. Because of this, it's no wonder that CBD makes such effective shampoo for dogs! This conditioning shampoo is meant to relieve itchiness and irritation. Because CBD has some anti-inflammatory properties, it can also help reduce your pup's irritated skin.

Pet dander is a common problem for dogs. But when the skin is nourished, you won't have to worry about as many dry flakes floating around your home. Pet-friendly CBD shampoo will leave your pet's coat looking healthy and fabulous!

Sativa Beauty Health Wellness is founded on the principals of quality, transparency, consistency, and love. Where the commitment to consistently producing high-quality premium products for those we love. You don't have to worry about giving these items to your pets. They're safe and won't get your pet high.

Incorporate CBD into Your Pet Parent Routine

You can get all these products and other CBD items from Sativa Wellness. Sativa Wellness cares about your animals' health and believes that CBD is a great way to promote their wellbeing. To see the results for yourself, order our pet-friendly CBD items from Sativa Wellness!

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