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Wow!!!! That's all I can say about some of the questions and DMs I have been receiving. I am not a trap queen or a Millennial #QueenOfTheSouth I've never sold, transported or used drugs and my friends and family literally laugh at loud of the thought of someone assuming I would. This picture to the Right was taken on our Family Farm after a family gathering. These days Cattle and Hay is what you'll find at the Davis Family Farm. I have been blessed with a loving family that has instilled an incredible work ethic. I have always been encouraged to go within myself and back to God and the land that we have been given - in that process and in being able to always find and see the the beauty that is all around us I would find abundance, wealth, health and wellness.

I have created a brand and we've been able to manufacture a product line call Sativa Beauty Health Wellness (you can learn more here: www.sativa-wellness.com) based on my own (and my family's) health challenges. If you have followed my journey you know that my father and I survived a car accident in 2007 (the day after Thanksgiving) however our road to recovery wasn't as easy as it sounds or looks. I broke my neck, my back, my shoulders, ribs, my left arm was skinned raw and I was in the hospital for over a month before being transported home. I was supposed to go to inpatient rehabilitation but there were errors in my paperwork and I was left on my mother's couch. My family and I took our faith and what I learned in school as a kinesiology student and started my own therapy at home. My mother fought really hard and eventually was able to get me connected with a local doctor that provided me with the necessary script so that I could eventually start physical therapy. Aside from pain at times I really struggled with not being able to sleep, PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression - Even after my bones and scars healed. Today I'm blessed to say I don't look like what I've been through. I live a full and active life - I work in education, I’m very active in my community, I model professionally, I DJ, AND this year I will graduate with a DOCTORATE (the 1st in my family).

The core ingredient in many of our products is Hemp and it is often confused with and very different from marijuana in its cultivation, function and application. Today, hemp can be used in many ways that other controlled substances cannot. These functions include sustainable textiles, accessories, healthy dietary supplements, skin products, food, plastics and parchment paper (to name a few). Hemp is a form of Cannabis but its chemical make up is less than 0.3% THC and is not psychoactive. This means that Hemp can not and will not get you "high." CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that comes from the hemp plant. Hemp / CBD is Legal! And Thousands of people from around the world take CBD for relief for a variety of symptoms and to also promote overall wellbeing.

In fact, your body naturally produces its own cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids. These beneficial chemicals help the body to maintain balance in many ways by tapping into receptors found in the brain, digestive system, and throughout the body. Phytocannabionids are plant-based compounds that mimic these natural chemicals that when connecting with

these same receptors help to promote and restore balance in your body's system.

I know a lot of people are feeling increased levels of overwhelm, stress, anxiety and pain due to restrictions and current societal circumstances.

Check out the products at Sativa Beauty Health Wellness I am sure they will help you and your love ones as much as they are helping mine

At Sativa Beauty Health Wellness our core values are Quality, Transparency, Consistency and Love. I really believe in my products and the results they provide and I know that our products can and will help you too.



Rachael Yvonne Davis, Master Cannabinologer | Future Doctor | Daughter & Friend

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~Rachael Yvonne Davis




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