5 Fashion Brands Offer Plus-Size Sustainable Fashion

In recent years, fashionistas around the globe have become increasingly aware of the harsh reality of fast fashion. There's been more of a focus on mindful consumerism. But despite the progress being made, there's still a major group that's is overlooked: plus-size women. Plus-size women have the same desire for eco-friendly clothing, but the market lacks what they need.

Despite this, there are still some clothing brands that are doing it right. Here are a few favorites you should try out!


Sotela offers women's clothing up to size 30. Every garment is ethically-made from natural fabrics and recycled materials. If you've been looking for a place that sells flattering jumpsuits or pants, you can't do any better than Sotela. Their clothing proves outfits that flatter doesn't come in any one size. These clothes are also crazy comfortable!


IGIGI has been in the sustainable plus-sized fashion game for 20 years! This Europe-based fashion brand crafts clothing made to order—ethically, of course. IGIGI uses the finest materials to create showstopping dresses. Whether you want an ethically-made dress for a formal event or a more casual get-together, this is a company you can feel good about buying from. And their items are available in sizes 12 and up!

Smart Glamour:

  1. While IGIGI does gowns for all occasions, Smart Glamour specializes in on the classiest formal dresses. However, they also carry casual clothing. Unlike a lot of their competitors, Smart Glamour keeps its prices surprisingly affordable while still putting ethics first. You'll find gorgeous gowns for every fashion style in sizes up to 15X. These items are hand-made, and every person that contributes to making them is paid a fair wage. You can feel good about wearing clothing from Smart Glamour!

Alice Alexander

If you love to make a colorful statement with your sustainable fashion choices, you'll love Alice Alexander. This American fashion brand offers clothing up to size 30, and they also custom-make larger sizes at no extra cost! Alice Alexander uses sustainable materials whenever possible. Wearing their clothing isn't just a bold fashion statement. It's a bold statement on your personal values.

Pink Clove

Pink Clove is another U.K. brand that offers surprisingly affordable plus-size fashion in sizes 16 to 28. They always make sure to stay on top of the latest trends, showing that women of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of the hottest fashion choices. Pink Clove always pays employees a fair wage and prioritizes good working conditions. They offer a full range of fashionable clothing, from dresses to loungewear to knitwear and everything in between. Although this brand is based in the U.K., they ship internationally.

Find Fashion that Flatters and Aligns with Your Ethics

In time, hopefully, even more, sustainable fashion brands that cater to every size will hit the market. But until then, all of these companies are great options to shop. These brands have proven they can make great fashion that's eco-friendly and available for women of all shapes and sizes. You really can have it all!


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