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Although I've worked for and been around DJs for over a decade it never dawned on me to DJ - even though my friends always joked about me being a DJ in college. It wasn't until I hit a low that I was lead to DJ XL (David Jones) at DFW Music School that I found a way to better cope with stress, better express myself, get over that terrible writers block, and ultimately come up with another stream of income.

Trust Your Journey and the Divine Timing and Appointments of Your Life

When I started this journey I did not tell anyone! My little sister Marilyn (aka The Fluffy Ninja) was there - and this also was a way for us to bond and get away from the weight of the responsibilities we were dealing with at home. Music found me and helped save my life (We will talk more about that later).

After the fist lessons Marilyn and I both had - David told us that we had talent and skills and he was surprised that we had never done this before. We scheduled our appointments, listened to his suggestions, acted on the guidance he gave us and with his encouragement we just took a leap and put ourselves out there. Well - it must have been meant to be because we both found ourselves DJing weddings, being booked by corporations and major retailers and beauty brands. Looking back at it I don't think it was a month into us working with him that we took our first gigs but I think it was almost a year later that we made our first public facebook post at an event.

Yes, I'm still working towards my Doctorate:

Yes, I am still working towards my Doctorate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Global Operations and Supply Chain Management. And YES! Marilyn and I would love to collaborate with you, your special event or project.

You can view my #RYDEPK HERE

Feel free to send an email to me at and someone will get with you about the particulars of your event.

When reaching out be sure to list the following information:

  • Date and Time of Your Event

  • Event Location

  • Approximately How Many People that Will be in attendance

  • If you need for us to provide sound/speakers

All of this is necessary to ensure that we can best lock in your date and time

Also - feel free to send us your music or some of your favorite artist. I'm always listing

Cheers to you and Cheers to us and to an amazing journey!



Rachael Yvonne Davis

DJ Rachael Yvonne

All That Formal Stuff

I don't own the rights to this music in the video being played but I am ...warming up to prep a DJ set for a Major beauty beauty brand. Free Products and Beauty Swagg for those who guess who👸🏾Must like my page, have dropped an emoji/comment on this post and be following me on IG to enter to win💙#RYD#Instagram#MUAby Debo at💄@beauty_werk01

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