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So I have a confession...After an eventful day or extensive project I admit I've been known to go into hiding. One of my guy friends says that I go to an island and hide under a rock just peak out from time to time to make sure "were all breathing". *insert the RYD big Laugh here* Some of my Associates say I don't answer the phone when it rings. I like to think my coping skills with my eventful life are responsible and healthy. #WorkLifeBalance I say I just need a break from all of the stimulation and when I am "off the clock" I still answer the phone when people call. Anyhoo - I'm ranting. I'm a work in process a work in progress. I say all this to say "picture it September 2016..." (In my Sophia from the Golden Girls voice) I'd been up since 5am it was around 7pm and I'd just gotten home. I've managed to lay out on my couch - somehow I'm upside down and my feet are up on the back of the couch (the Visual I know). The phone rings ... I answer. (*side eye*) On the other end I hear the voice of Mrs. Tina, the owner of Thi Tina's. She tell's me that she wants to make sure that I eat and she wants me to meet someone. We set a date for the following day...

Long story short over Lamb Chops I had the opportunity to bond with one of the most fascinating people I've meet all year. We talked about movies, music, politics, traveling the world and I gain an even greater insight and pride in regards to the responsibility we all cary living and having this experience here in America. While its not

easy to carve a new path and pursue purpose it takes a special person to stand as bridge between generations - remaining true to founding principals, while being progressive and noble. Cultured, refined, passionate and driven by an even greater purpose Mr. William "Bill" Earl Ray has gracefully taken on the challenge on continuing and growing the Legacy of the world renown Jubilee Theatre.Just incase you missed it Mark Lowery of the Star-Telegram just wrote a lovely article that you can check out here.

If you are unfamiliar Jubilee Theatre it is North Texas' longest-running African-American Theater and this gem is located in the heart of Sundance Square in Downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Founded by Rudy and Marian Eastman in Fort Worth, Texas on June 19, 1981, Jubilee Theatre is the original home of African-American theater in North Texas. Jubilee Theatre was incorporated in 1982 and received its 501(c)(3) status in May 1983.

It is my hope you all will take the time to learn and experience more about Jubilee Theater first-hand by visiting the shows, participating in some of their programs for youth and uplifting Bill and their distinguished board of directors. I'm honored to be able to join in the celebration of A PROUD HISTORY AND A PROMISING FUTURE.




Here is the Link to the Calendar.

The Gifts of the Magi - Based on the classic O. Henry short story and told through music and lyrics, this is a story of two very poor people who loved each other so much that each sold their most prized possession to buy the other a Christmas present. In addition to their story, there are also various city folk going about their holiday business, and the hilarious plight of a cheerful bum named Soapy, who wants only to get arrested so he can spend the night in a cozy cell, all told by a tuneful newsboy-narrator, Willy, who adds his own melodious contribution and informative observations to the delightful proceedings. "The Gifts of the Magi" is presented by special arrangement

  • Runs November 25th -December 24th

  • Jubilee Theatre, 506 Main St., Fort Worth.

  • $19 previews, otherwise $25-$29

  • 817-338-4411;

High school & college students may purchase RUSH tickets 15 minutes before show time with a valid school ID. (Subject to availability. Limit one (1) per valid student I.D.) - $15.00 per student *Note: RUSH tickets are not valid during preview performances*

THANKS again for Reading and Sharing Loves <3 #RYD

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