Bloody Tears & Other Marketing Reflections

Tonight my little Sister tells me that she’s afraid so I held her hand and I prayed. When I finish I noticed the tears that stream down her face … After a small chat I dance around her hospital room in my zebra onsee that she bought me last Christmas. I make ninja sounds and kick my leg and move my arms in true Bruce Lee Fashion. I tell her to “Hashtag the Fluffy Ninija Kickback.” To know her is to know that a lot of friends call her “The Fluffy Ninja” and her instagram handle is a great way to break the ice. I get her to laugh a little and smile. I know she doesn’t feel good because she hasn’t touched the Chipotle Burrito I brought her – She Love’s Chipotle. I smile at her in this black, white and pink zebra onesee. The same onesee she brought me. The same onesee I wore in my Moms inpatient rehab facility just this last Christmas.

I’m sitting in a hospital chair next to my little sister. She’s just been given a stronger pain medication and now she’s finally resting. We don’t know where her pain has come from or why she’s received abnormal CT Scans. We did learn today that in addition to what’s wreaking havoc on her body she does have pneumonia. There are a mix of emotions that overwhelm me – since the initial start of this program I think about the health challenges with my father, my mother and now my little sister. I think about all of the unique spaces and situations I have been placed in – the adventures and challenges I have had and the extream measures I have taken just to get my assignments turned in on time (or as close to on time as possible). I think of the number of times that I have fallen short and the tears that I have cried.

What many people don’t know about my little sister Marilyn is that after her time at TCU she began to order textbooks. She put herself on a rigorous schedule and she studied. She later enrolled and graduated from Media Tech University and made history as the first Woman ever to receive the Thomas Olaf Memorial Scholarship. She has gone on to work with the Rolling Stones and recently she worked on the production set for Taylor Swifts last concert in Dallas, Texas. When she fell ill she was working at Bass Hall for a musical called the Book of Mormon.

Part of the reason why I pursued this program was to also help me help her pursue her dreams and live her purpose. I’m excited and can’t wait for the world to be formally introduced to Fluffy Ninja Productions. I have leaned so much about strategic positioning, marking analytics. I have learned how to research, set and measure the goals behind websites and other social media platforms. I’ve also learned the importance, the necessity and how to optimize SEO. Over the years, especially in the last few, my Little Sister and I have both have cried some Bloody Tears. But the thing to note is if and when we cry – its not to quit but to keep going.

I don’t know how many nights we will be in the hospital. But I do know I’ll do what it takes to be with her during the most difficult times through the nights. I know that after this course only two course will remain in my Masters Program.

Cheers to the Process – Cheers to the Journey – Cheers to Mastery

~Rachael Yvonne Davis

Thanks for reading and sharing friends xoxoxo

P.S. All colloquialisms and slang were intended…. You know… for effect) *Wink* *Insert Heart Emoticon Here*

THANKS again for Reading and Sharing <3 #RYD

~Rachael Yvonne Davis


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