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Its #RYD Model Monday and Its Not Just for the Ladies....

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Greetings All,

Its Model Monday and this post isn’t just for the Ladies. A friend contacted me with an opportunity with ICONIQ Teen Modeling Agency. ICONIQ Teen Modeling Agency is a new agency located in Dallas, Texas and I have to say that their youth have been doing a lot of great things in the community. The organization makes a point to instill in their talent not only the tips and tricks of the industry but also qualities that produce responsible citizens and great role models. Recently, one of their teens, Victoria Williams, won the title of American Elegance Teen.

Where there is an organization that is Mentoring Youth and actively Engaging the Community - you know I can't help but to share.

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For this opportunity they are specifically looking for Male Teen Models ages 13-20. But that doesn't mean they will not consider you too ladies. Don't forget to wear a white t-shirt and jean bottoms. Bring your headshots if you have them and Register Here . Call James Franklin at 214.663.4424 if you have any questions or concerns - he will be delighted to hear from you. The Model Call will be Sunday June 14, 2015 3:30 - 6:00 PM at Brown Lane Studios located at 1499 Regal Row #505 Dallas, TX 75247

Remember if you have a desire and are willing to put in the work there is a place for you in the Industry. Don't let anyone or anything stop you from going after your Dreams.

Next week I’ll share with you the 4 Basic attributes anyone interested in the Industry must prepare to Master to be successful.

The Journey of a Million Miles Begins With the 1st Step. GOOD LUCK!


~Rachael Yvonne Davis


Instagram: Rachael Yvonne Davis

P.S. Thank you in advance for sharing this post - Also let me know about your next event and exciting opportunity and leave your comments and questions below. I just may answer your question in my next post.


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