Lemme Lone!!!! - Getting Past the Fear of Failure


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH…. You know that feeling… It doesn't matter what you are going through, everybody wants or needs something. It doesn’t matter how you feel, what you had planned, what you went through to get it or get there on location for that matter… It doesn’t matter how much it cost you – physical dollar or physical currency is simply irrelevant. And there you are…. Faced to handle “It” and all of the personalities and emotions that come with “It” Minus the expletives you think “Yea, I do work well with others – when they leave me alone.” In some instances you question why are you here and if you don’t see yourself smacking someone in the face with your keyboard (*side eye*) you see yourself just walking out the door because you just want to quit because all you want to do is [INSERT DREAM / GOAL HERE]. Or if you’re like me you just want to take a simple nap. I get it….

The other morning I received a phone call from one of my best friends. She was heavy burdened and while I’ve been nursing my own war wounds and Dancing with my own set weighted circumstances she told me I needed to teach a class on how to deal with “It.” She said she found herself thinking “...W.W.RYD : WHAT WOULD RACHAEL YVONNE DAVIS DO…”

In the mist of our conversation I began to jot some notes and what came to paper weighted heavy on my heart and I felt moved not to share it with her… – at the time the only thing I could give her (and myself for that matter) was a listening ear and a caring heart. I didn’t have the words. I didn’t have the solution. Interestingly enough, throughout the remainder of the day I found myself faced with even more situations and circumstances that left me feeling and asking, “what am I doing here…”

In the solitude of walking to my car and driving home it came. While sitting at my desk I read some of the notes I jotted down this morning while my friend and I spoke. What stood out were the words Getting Past the Fear of Failure-

Whelp … I got my Celestial #FacePalm and Had a V-8 so here’s the real Buttercup:

  • … God didn’t make NO Junk and You (Me/We) defiantly aint NO Punk(s). There are no parts of your essence, your being even your DNA for that matter that’s Junk – It means your work and your purpose call for greater and only those things that push you to the edge of your perceived limits expand the awareness of your own capabilities. Its not a Mission or journey for the weak minded or weak of heart. You are STRONG… we’re working Beyond Mastery.

  • You have the power to Will yourself and rewire your Mind to transcend all that is before you. You don’t have to ask “...W.W.RYD…” because all you have to do is go within. You are connected to the source. God Favors You and the Universe Protects You. The next best move and decision presents itself throughout each day we just have to act.

  • Lay Down. Take a Nap if you must but don’t you Dare quit. If you fall, fail and or break… GREAT! You know what it feels like and we can get up and do it again…one more time. Just one more time – Just one more time – Just one more time...

Don’t Settle. You’re Worth It…. Peace, Love, Light & Many Many Blessings.

Stay tuned for the next post in the series Awareness: Getting Past the Fear of Failure where I’ll share with you in more detail where and how transformation begins. As well as other Lessons Learned, tools, resources; that I mentors and other greats have used to aid them in the process and work of working towards reaching their maximum potential.

Thanks for reading and sharing friends xoxoxo

P.S. All colloquialisms and slang were intended…. You know… for effect) *Wink* *Insert Heart Emoticon Here*

THANKS again for Reading and Sharing <3 #RYD


~Rachael Yvonne Davis




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