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The Bags Under My Eyes Are Gucci & Prada: Financial Literacy is always in Style


The Bags Under My Eyes Are Gucci & Prada: Financial Literacy is always in Style

While I started out this course in hives and anxious about taking on yet another Finance course I thought to take a fashionable approach and change my perspective and much to my surprise it worked. I’ve come to view a great pantsuit as bonds and fixed income and contrarian investing as the off-season shopper. In spite of the challenges at home and work I’m proud of the Gucci bags that now sit under my eyes. For as destiny can be delayed it can never be denied and I feel quite content as I have pressed through, completed my assignments and in the mist of it all had my “ahhaa” moment. What is money but currency, energy, a median of exchange. It is not the physical dollar that actually produces wealth and power but our ability to utilize our greatest asset, our minds. The moment we realize our minds are our greatest assets is the moment we begin to put things into proper perspective. Many of us work to make money and by doing so engage in a perpetual cycle that cannot be broken by increased revenues. The “rat race” further procreates dreams deferred and what so sad we often chastise others who choose to operate outside of that cycle despite our longing to join them and break those chains of fiscal enslavement. Often in the real world, it’s not the smart that get ahead, but the bold. The wealthy often utilize money to work for them. And where there is no physical dollar it is important to see and know “currency.” What can be used, exchanged, created so as to later produce a physical dollar and how can that dollar later be utilized to efficiently, effectively and econocomlly to produce an even greater return. Financial intelligence is simply figuring out how creative one can be in solving financial problems and part of being able to “crack” the code knows how to read and understand numbers. My personal goal for my Finance class was to understand concepts and immediately apply them to my personal life and business. I can better read and understand numbers. I have acquired tools to help me to track and keep my own finances in order; in the next few months I will be debt free (less a few student loans) and will be making my first package investments before the end of the year.

Cheers to Financial Literacy – Which is always in Style

~Rachael Yvonne Davis


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