The Bitter Pink Lady The Better


I’m eating an apple. Exhausted. I’m not too fond of the color pink but organic pink lady apples are my favorite. They are crisp, firm, filling and sweet. I reflect on Graduate School, my classes, my father, late nights at the hospital, late nights cleaning the bathroom, the sounds of sickness, my birthday, modeling for Wal-Mart and Essence - and having the opportunity to work with Cynthia Bailey, the Professional Athletes, NPR Debates, the little boy and the baby poodle named Toby, the dead squirrels, long walks with a pit bull named Wheezy … his Master. Love found, immaturity, friendships, graduation and the essence of currency. The extensive details of the changes, adventures, triumphs and even my own lows can only be expressed in my Biopic or a few chapters of my book “Chronicles of a Homeless Beauty Queen: Pageant Secrets Reveled” I think. I munch. Some describe the whitish flesh of the Pink Lady as juicy and crisp with a “fizz-like” burst of flavor. As I finish my apple a bitter taste over whelmed my senses – I look down and realized that I had eaten into the core and chewed seeds… then the greatest personal and professional lessons learned this season hit me- aside from an apple a day (better food choices) will help keep the doctor away (and reduce physician Co-Pays over a lifetime) the future is in our seeds and our progression, transformation and long term success is found at the heart of our core.

Real transformation is often stressful; extremely challenging and we have to go beyond past paradigms to press through the process, expand, become and do greater. Markets may change, people may change, places may change, trends and fads may change but Brands should never change. I’ve stated before that “you are your own business you are your own brand” and it is important to first keep who you are at the center of your own personal and professional brand. Beyond this I have come to understand that the deeper revelation comes from the knowledge and understanding of self and those core foundational principals that should never change no matter the changes and developments that happen. It is in the darkest, deepest places where seeds sprout. Seeds are the essential characteristics of our personal and professional brands. The greater - seeds must be placed in the proper conditions in order to be transformed, to germinate, to flower to become a tree, to produce good fruit and maybe even a good switch, bench, door, dresser, boat etc… To fulfill the ultimate brand promise or purpose sometimes means being displaced, being placed in other orchards or groves; in the care of special farmers. It may mean looking in the mirror. It may mean being silent. It may include the “cross pollination” of cultures and ideas unbeknown to yourself and out of the mental facilities of our peers. The premature abandonment of your brand, distraction from your purpose and the lack of truth will always be bitter and can even lead to death. What makes us better is consistency, patience, tenacity and courage – even if that means being alone.

Some of my basic goals for the course Business Storytelling & Brand Development were to study various case studies, read and utilize every resource presented to me and then ask questions and network with the intention of finding a mentor, and garner and manifest opportunities to further develop the “Brand Development” skill. Overall, I am satisfied with progress made and the progression of this course given the circumstances. I still desire a mentor (for this facet of my career development) and know that if Steve Stoute doesn’t scoop me up another mogul will - After all how does the saying go “wisdom is in the streets” or in the fruit we eat.

Cheers to the Journey.

Stay Focus Driven

~Rachael Yvonne Davis

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