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Dancing With Sharks and Dinning With Whales #1

This month I read John C. Maxwell’s Developing the Leader Within You and The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. In my own temporary displacement the control parameters are steadily increased and I am forced to see my reflection in those around me. In this time I have learned to enjoy the bittersweet displeasure of dancing with sharks and dinning with whales. I realize that part of my greatest conquest lies within myself and it is further affirmed that reputation and integrity are my greatest assets. After a month of intensive self-reflection, reevaluation and study I am forced to answer a few very simple questions by the above aforementioned text – What is the vision – what are my dreams? Is my dream going to make a difference in the world in which I live? What is it that I need? “Reach my maximum potential and help others around me do the same” – that is my objective and it is also how I define my own success. I still hold on to the notion that leadership is about and stems from the heart. It considers the hearts of others and in moments of transparency, wisdom and passion one has the ability to pluck the heartstrings of others and provide what I like to call the “true manifestation of God’s Love” – In divine wisdom we can provide people with true hope, encouragement and love. Unite and influence others for the betterment of mankind. Where as Maxwell defines and explains how to improve upon the skill sets necessary to become a greater leader Greene via various historical reflections and parables displays the rules/laws of influence. Striving to strengthen my own moral compass and surround myself with others who hold true to the same virtues I am still defining my own leadership style. I am a work in process a work in progress none the less if forced to make a choice between the two text at the core I am a Maxwell girl that can play chess at a Greene table.

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