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  • Prepared Statements (Q & A with Rachael Yvonne Davis)


  • Where did you receive your education and training?


    As a recipient of the Community Scholars Scholarship, Trio Programs’ Ronald E. McNair and Student Support Services Fellowships I am a proud Alumni of Texas Christian University (TCU). I graduated from the Harris College of Health & Human Science with degrees in Psychosocial Kinesiology and Health & Fitness with leadership honors and Associate Honors from the John V. Roach Honors College. While there I also minored in Business. I also attended the University of Dallas and Full Sail University for Master Degrees.


  • Awards, Honors and Any Titles Held or Won?


    I am the reigning Miss Lone Star Plus America. Former, Miss New York Plus America and Miss Texas Plus America 2013. I was also the former Miss Black & Gold 2007 Eta Psi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated at Texas Christian University. I received The Empowerment Award – for Exemplary Leadership, Inspiration and Selfless acts of Time and Dedication by The Ladies Roundtable earlier this year.



  • Tell us something unique about yourself?


    I don’t look or sound like what I’ve been through and its apart of my testimony of God’s amazing grace. I have survived 3 car accidents – 2 of which my car was totaled. I have a screw in my neck and a displaced left scapula. I was told after my accident that my voice would change and that I many not be able to speak and I will not be as active as I once was before. Now my voice does have a quiver in it when I do speak and I cannot hold much of a tune however I have come to enjoy sharing my unique story and I love to sing a laugh. I have also since then executed cartwheels at the Taj Mahal and in the desserts of Dubai. I love animals and being outside in nature. This love for the outdoors came from hanging out with my Father and Uncles on the Davis Family Farm. While I do love water and water parks I cannot swim. I float with style. I hope to change that within the next six months. I also plan to learn how to play golf.



  • What would you recommend as a first step to an aspiring plus model?


    First I would recommend any aspiring plus model to go within and do a self-assessment and work to understand and come to know those things that make you truly unique and Divine. Upon the true understanding of self and your intentions for wanting to become a model  I then say do your research and go for it with all your might – asking for God’s favor and protection from all things seen and unseen. If you find that there are no opportunities I say go within and manifest your own.



  • Where, in your opinion, does plus pageantry belong in society today and why?


    It’s been those who have gone against the grain labeled as unconventional misfits who have been the greatest catalysts for change, escorts of innovation and architects of peace in our world. Issues surrounding equality as it relates to gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status… inalienable rights, inclusiveness and diversity have been peacefully and manically demanded. The heart of the matter comes back to recognizing God and the Good in Humanity. Plus pageantry belongs in society next to all the other various platforms that seek to uplift humanity and improve the human condition. I do see plus pageantry further gaining even greater recognition, internationally, based on the ambition and courage of those delegates who choose to answer the call and the strength and diligence of the directors to guide and lead. Years later, in retrospect, I believe it will be found that the legacy of plus pageantry made a significant impact in the garnering of equality across various platforms for all people.



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