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The truth is every assignment and day that leads closer to the completion of my Master’s program I find another challenge that I must face and concur. Challenges this month included owning my own independence, accepting and solidifying the desires of my heart and being...


Tonight my little Sister tells me that she’s afraid so I held her hand and I prayed. When I finish I noticed the tears that stream down her face … After a small chat I dance around her hospital room in my zebra onsee that she bought me last Christmas. I make ninja sou...

This month marks a year since my mother’s stroke. The hardest thing is remembering where we were prior to this incident and knowing we all will be better physically, mentally and spiritually after this season has passed. I could write for pages about the challenges fac...

Last Monday I went home early from work because I didn’t feel well. Later that night I drove myself to the hospital.  After a CT scan, some fluids and an IV cocktail I called my little sister. She took a taxi to the hospital and after she arrived I was discharged and w...

 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH…. You know that feeling… It doesn't matter what you are going through, everybody wants or needs something. It doesn’t matter how you feel, what you had planned, what you went through to get it or get there on location for that matter… It does...

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