This is Serious Business: Police Brutality

This is Serious Business: Police Brutality 5 Key Points You Must Make When Teaching Girls About Interacting with Law Enforcement I’m teaching. We’ve discussed the power of body language and how to project self-confidence. We have transitioned into the active part of class where we learn about proper posture when standing and sitting. They have learned that in order to become proficient at a skill they must be conscientious and take advantage of the opportunity to practice, to become better... We’ve learned how to move around objects with ease and learn how to sit in a chair gracefully. As we discuss the appropriate ways for a young Lady to get into and out of a car one of the young ladies ra

Act Like A Lady Think Like A Boss

Hello Friends!!! A new school year has begun and the Act Like A Lady Think Like A Boss program is back! I feel so honored and blessed to partner with Dr. Kanesha Davis-Waites, the Director of Family Engagement and Behavior Support /Foster Care Liaison at Lancaster Independent School District in Dallas, Texas to bring this program to life for another year. At our first session our attendance more than doubled! Wow!!!! If you have been following you know that the young ladies we mentor during these programs are groomed to exemplify proper etiquette, poise, leadership and social graces. We tackle and address critical issues facing these young ladies in a safe environment where they are not judg

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