The Curvy Industry Experience

Greetings All, Meet my Pageant Sister and Friend Ms. Kristen Booker. Not only is she Uber Zesty she is a very successful Entrepreneur and the mastermind behind The Curvy Industry Experience. Just to give you some additional insight Kristen is a former plus fashion blogger and is the Founder and CEO of Vanity Curves Boutique. She also serves as the lead stylist for the boutique which specializes in sizes 12-28. She and her mother also run a very prominent childcare/educational center. Kristen was crowned Miss Texas Plus America Ambassador in 2007, and mentors up and coming women in the fashion and beauty industry. Her mission is to create a platform for plus size women of all demographics in

Meet Bill - Jubilee Theatre's New Artistic Director

Hey Family! So I have a confession...After an eventful day or extensive project I admit I've been known to go into hiding. One of my guy friends says that I go to an island and hide under a rock just peak out from time to time to make sure "were all breathing". *insert the RYD big Laugh here* Some of my Associates say I don't answer the phone when it rings. I like to think my coping skills with my eventful life are responsible and healthy. #WorkLifeBalance I say I just need a break from all of the stimulation and when I am "off the clock" I still answer the phone when people call. Anyhoo - I'm ranting. I'm a work in process a work in progress. I say all this to say "picture it September 20

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