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Family- When I was asked “Is there anything else you would like us to know when reviewing your appeal?” My response was, “When I got to the point of being fed up with everyone else’s excuses I stopped using my own as a crutch. Murphy’s law is an epigram not a destined fate and I can attest to the fact that sometimes one can forget his or her own resiliency, lose sight of objectives and in the mist of challenges simply fall short. It is a fact that my entire being is an outlier. With a screw in my neck I should not be alive much less be able to speak. Having had over 300 injections in my neck, back, spine and knees – with a metal plate and 8 screws in my right ankle I shouldn’t be able to wal

"F" SQUARED | Love Don’t Pay the Bills or Finance Your Dreams

Greetings Friends! February is Fantastic, with a capital “F”! Not to mention Love is in the air (insert heart emoticon here) but let’s be real... Love don’t pay the bills or Finance your dreams (insert serious face with an appropriate head tilt here). Last month I discussed various experts; their views on the value of business planning and I shared my opinion on the importance of business plans as they assist the serious entrepreneur become more profound in preparation for profitability. Coming from the notion that your business plan is a living document and investing the time in drafting a plan is a great step in positioning your venture for profitability. I present the next steps in manife

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