My Vision Quest Business Plan that Exposed my Big SECRET

The truth is every assignment and day that leads closer to the completion of my Master’s program I find another challenge that I must face and concur. Challenges this month included owning my own independence, accepting and solidifying the desires of my heart and being unapologetic about my purpose, my process and the necessary measures needed to protect my progression. When I prayed and asked God what is next best move that would propel my purpose, help my family, my career and my education I was led to a hidden gem and got the apartment without my mother and sister knowing. I told my father - he tried to get me to wait until the spring. I told him if I wait I’ve been shown that I’ll lose e

New Year New Vision New Plan | Experts Views on the Value of Business Plans

Greetings All and Happy New Year! With the New Year brings beautiful intentions and new aspirations. This year I see many of my friends have been working on their vision boards. Which is an awesome exercise in goal setting and visualization. Whether you are an inspiring entrepreneur or have been in business for the last 20 years it’s never too early or too late to revisit the critical business document. Taking a lesson as someone who was noted at one point in time as one of the richest men in the world Carlos Slim Helu says in an interview with Larry King gives the following 11 pointers: 1. Building a successful business is all about competence 2. Understand your line of business and

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