Free Treats for You...Just Because Its Tuesday

I was sent some amazing treats from a company called Rocksbox and its come just in the nick of time for all of my Maid of Honor Activities for one of my Best Friend's Wedding. (SN: I'll be sure to share with you in future post how I rock my treats from Rocksbox.) Anyhoo, The other great thing is that I get to share an Unlimited Jewelry Wardrobe with you…for FREE!!!!! HURRAY! Here’s how it works: Click the Image. It should direct you to the Rocksbox site – or just click HERE Sign Up / Accept my invitation. For the first 3 people that sign up and use the code RachaelYvonneBFF you’ll receive an extra surprise. You can also use RachaelYvxoxo and enjoy the perks. Wait for you're first Rocksbox to

Its #RYD Model Monday and Its Not Just for the Ladies....

Greetings All, Its Model Monday and this post isn’t just for the Ladies. A friend contacted me with an opportunity with ICONIQ Teen Modeling Agency. ICONIQ Teen Modeling Agency is a new agency located in Dallas, Texas and I have to say that their youth have been doing a lot of great things in the community. The organization makes a point to instill in their talent not only the tips and tricks of the industry but also qualities that produce responsible citizens and great role models. Recently, one of their teens, Victoria Williams, won the title of American Elegance Teen. Where there is an organization that is Mentoring Youth and actively Engaging the Community - you know I can't help but to

Lemme Lone!!!! - Getting Past the Fear of Failure

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH…. You know that feeling… It doesn't matter what you are going through, everybody wants or needs something. It doesn’t matter how you feel, what you had planned, what you went through to get it or get there on location for that matter… It doesn’t matter how much it cost you – physical dollar or physical currency is simply irrelevant. And there you are…. Faced to handle “It” and all of the personalities and emotions that come with “It” Minus the expletives you think “Yea, I do work well with others – when they leave me alone.” In some instances you question why are you here and if you don’t see yourself smacking someone in the face with your keyboard (*side eye*) you

Goody Howard| Women Who Inspire Wednesdays

Greetings All, Pageant Season is upon us and I must say – it’s been exciting. For the first time I served as the Judges Liaison for Miss Texas Plus America and the Texas American Elegance Pageant Systems. When I was able to sit and chat with my Sister Queens I was reminded of my own Chronicles and quite a few Pageant Secrets… after wiping away all of the tears of laughter and joy it got me to thinking about my own Journey. As such it only seemed fit that my very first Lessons Learned / Women Who Inspire blog post be about someone who was actually just that and critically instrumental in me being in a position to win the title of Miss Texas Plus America 2013. I remember being on the fence abo

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