TCU Graduation

Attending and Graduating from Texas Christian University #TCU May 8, 2010 is significantly one of the greatest and best things that ever happened to me. So grateful for my Community Scholars #Scholarship, Student Support Services and Ronald E. #McNair #Grants - beyond the cost of attendance I was strengthened protected held accountable fead and loved. I was taught respect and what it means to earn #respect give respect and have self respect. The importance of stewardship persistence and grace. Thank you to everyone who has ever been involved in my education inside and outside of the classroom I don’t take any of it for granted. I see I remember I know and I grow. As I continue to strive to b

Chronicles of a Homeless Beauty Queen: Pageant Secrets Reveled

Chronicles of a Homeless Beauty Queen: Pageant Secrets Reveled (Snippet 1) In the last thirteen weeks I’ve spent more time in transit on transit than I have in my own bed and when I say my own bed I mean crashing on someone else’s couch, floor or bed. Catapulted into another phase of transformation I have been displaced away from what I would call home and have been brought back again. To having a place to call home, to not feeling at home, to hear welcome home, for actions to show this is not your home, to broken hearted, to knowing the world is my home. To be courted by multimillionaires, to break bread with international super stars, to attended a beloved cousins wedding, to experience an

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