“If you Not Wearing The Right Accessory You Might as Well be Nude” : PR Lessons from AIN

“If you’re not wearing the right accessory you might as well be Nude” is the motto an innovative fashion concept called AIN: Accessories in the Nude. Accessories in the Nude is a three part fashion event series composed of a Business Seminar, Accessories Competition and Fashion Showcase. The Accessory Designer Competition provides contestants the opportunity to showcase and receive constructive criticism for their designs in front of noted fashion professionals. It also provides a platform for contestants to create and increase visibility for their product line. AIN Founder Meko Krout King says accessories are the key component that can tell a story and a true fashionista style is truly abo


ABOUT RACHAEL YVONNE DAVIS, MISS TEXAS PLUS AMERICA 2013 PLATFORM: SURRENDER TO CARE Platform | Surrender to Care: Mobilizing a Renaissance of Caring Adults and Youth to become Architects of Peace, Hope and Encouragement in our Global Community. The notion behind my platform comes from the observation that that there are core issues facing our communities that include Youth Outreach, Education, Hunger Prevention, Domestic Violence, Homelessness, Employment, Economic Development, Health & Wellness, Environmental Protection, Historical and Global Awareness. When we choose to "Surrender to Care" we submit to compassion, we stand on truth and we operate from a place of love. We accept responsibi

2 Weeks On The Job

Greetings All, Its been a solid 2 weeks on the Job and its starting to settle in...I am your Miss Texas Plus America 2013! Already I have been invited to participate in art shows and gala's with some of our areas most notable dignitaries, host events and fashion shows and spend time with some of our most precious gifts...children. I am so honored and humbled to be Miss Texas Plus America 2013 - I am thrilled to represent Texas at Nationals this July. I Need Your HELP To Get There! I am driven by purpose and I live life on purpose and I do plan on fulfilling the goal of inspiring and recruiting 3,000 new caring adults and youth to become volunteer readers, tutors, and mentors inside and outsi

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